Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Really? Has it been 15 years?!

Cheers to the 1st annual Excalibur 92-93 Reunion. It was a success! We met at the Zolo Grill in Boulder (for some not so great, but very expensive food) and talked and stayed, and stayed, and stayed. 11 total Excaliburites, including our very own Revier - and a few brave spouses, who by the way, were extremely good sports!

A few updates from top to bottom in the picture:
Stephanie is a well known Psychologist in Erie and just had a TV interview with the local news! She is married with two little girls.
Erin is married and busy at home with the arrival of her 3rd baby boy.
Brian is the head butcher at Whole Foods.
Revier is still teaching at FHS. Excalibur and Performance class only.
Matt attended the Republican National Convention as a delegate and he and Ariahn have two beautiful little girls.
Derek is a law professor at CU Boulder - married with a darling baby boy.
Katie is currently working on her doctoral dissertation - married with 2 children.
Becky had a baby girl just a few weeks ago.
Chara is married and expecting with baby #2.
Katie Wise got married this summer, moved back to Beloved Boulder, and is also expecting.

For those of you who were unable to make it - we missed you. We'd like to get together yearly, since so many still live in the area. It really was great to see everyone and catch up! This blog is for the purpose of keeping us in contact and for you to make announcements if you'd like. Just let me know and I'll post it.

In conclusion, our hearts go out to Dave Evans who recently lost his mother, and to our dear Mr. Revier who is undergoing a heart breaking divorce.